Titan Run 2018

  1. Where will Titan Run 2018 be held?
  2. Titan Run 2018 will be held at mall @ alam sutera, Tangerang

  3. When will Titan Run 2018 be held?
  4. Titan Run 2018 will be held on Saturday, AUGUST 11th 2018

  5. How do I register for this race?
  6. You can register for Titan Run 2018 via web (online) through www.titan-run.id

  7. When will the registration be open?
  8. Registration will be opened on 1st April 2018 and will be closed when the registration slots are full.

  9. Which categories can I participate in?
  10. There are 3 categories:

    • Titan Run 17.8K National
    • Titan Run 10K National
    • Titan Run 5K National

    Participants under 12 years old can only join Titan Run 5K category.

  11. What is a National category?
  12. National category is the category for Indonesian only and the winner’s podium & prize are only for Indonesian.

  13. What if foreign citizens are interested in joining the race?
  14. Participants of foreign nationality can join this race but is not eligible to earn the winner's podium & prize

  15. How much is the registration fee for this race?
  16. Race registration fee per participant is IDR 450.000 for all categories.

  17. What will the participant get by registering to the race?
    • Race jersey
    • Bib number and safety pin
    • Time recording tag / clocking tag
    • Titan Run 2018 guide book
    • Medal for participants who finish the race according to its category

  18. How do I know that my registration has been accepted?
  19. When your registration and payment has been successful, a confirmation will appear on your computer screen for you to print. You will also receive a confirmation in the form of electronic mail (e-mail) sent to the email address that you registered with. Make sure you enter the correct email address.

  20. If I have already registered, may I decide not to participate in this race?
  21. Yes, you may withdraw from the race. If you withdraw, your registration fee will not be returned but you remain entitled for the race pack.

  22. What is the race policy for not attending or resigning?
  23. Participants who do not attend or cancel prior to the race for whatever reason will not get a refund. Slot race can not be transferred to others.

  24. Can I change the category after I have registered?
  25. You are not allowed to change the category if you have already registered. If you want to compete in other category, you must register again in the new category. So, make sure you choose the right category when you register.

  26. Is it possible to make some changes in the information I provided during registration?
  27. Registration information that cannot be changed are participant’s name and size of the jersey. Some other information can be changed as long as the registration is still open. Information can be changed in two ways: (1) log in into the registration system and then change the information, or (2) send an email to info@run.web.id with the information that you want to change. In the case of replacement of information, The Organizer have the right to ask the participant to ensure validity.

  28. What if I accidentally delete the e-mail confirmation?
  29. Kindly send an email request to info@run.web.id. We will resend the registration confirmation.

  30. What payment methods are used for the registration?
  31. Participants must pay the registration fee by online credit card or direct debit.

  32. Is the online registration system secure?
  33. Yes, the registration system is using the Secure Sockets Layer security protocol. It is used on the registration page to ensure data security and a secure connection for your transaction.

  34. What is included in the race pack?
    • Race jersey
    • Bib number and safety pin
    • Time recording tag / clocking tag
    • Titan Run 2018 guide book

  35. Where and when can I collect my race pack?
  36. A Month Before Event Starts at TBA (Or By Delivery) Documents required for collection :
    1. Original proof of identity in the form of National ID card (KTP) / Driving license / Passport / Limited stay permit card (KITAS).
    2. Race pack collection confirmation in print or digital form.
    3. Power of attorney for race pack collection (if the participant ask other people to take the race pack).
  37. Can the race pack be posted to participants?
  38. Yes, the race pack can be posted to you if you choose race pack delivery option during the registration. There will be additional fee IDR 30K for the delivery. Make sure you enter the correct address for the delivery. You can check the delivery with the courier. We shall provide the airwaybill number in Titan Run official website, www.titan-run.id

  39. Do I have to collect my race pack?
  40. Definitely. There is a jersey and race bib number with clocking tag attached inside your race pack. Bib number with clocking tag attached should be used during the race.

  41. Can someone else pickup my race pack on my behalf?
  42. Yes, However, the person who represent you to pick up the race pack must bring the power of attorney (no stamp duty) signed by you and a copy of your proof of identity in the form of National ID card (KTP) / Driving license / Passport / Limited stay permit card (KITAS) and the race pack collection confirmation email.

  43. Is it possible to collect a race pack on the race day?
  44. No. You must collect your race pack according to the race pack collection schedule.

  45. Where can I leave my belongings?
  46. Baggage deposit will be made available at the race village for all participants. Participants are advised to arrive early to deposit their bags to avoid queuing. While maximum care and security will be enforced, The Organizers will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items or delays in retrieving bags.

  47. Do I need to use my bib number?
  48. Yes, bib numbers must be used. A time recording tag will be attached to the back of the bib number and this tag will record your time and make sure you are running on the right route. Kindly attach the bib number on the front of your body (chest or stomach) so your time is recorded.
    If you are not using the bib number assigned to your registration then your time will not be recorded. You will be considered does not participate in the race. You will not be eligible for the medal and your race results will not be displayed.

  49. Can I keep the time recording tag?
  50. Yes! You may keep bib number and time recording tag as a souvenir.

  51. How do I find the race route?
  52. The race route will be published one month before the race day.

  53. What is the maximum time to finish the race?
    • 17.8K participants will need to finish the race within three (3) hours from the 17.8K flag off time.
    • 10K participants will need to finish the race within two (2) hours from the 10K flag off time.
    • 5K participants will need to finish the race within one (1) hour from the 5K flag off time.

    Participants who fail to meet this cut-off time will be disqualified. They will not receive the medal and their race results will not be published.

  54. What will participants get after completing the race?
  55. Participants will get a medal, a bottle of water and fruits.

  56. What are the sizes of the Titan Run 2018 Jersey?
  57. If my jersey does not fit, can I wear something else? Am I able to exchange my jersey for another size?
  58. No, you will not be allowed to participate if you are not wearing the official race jersey. You will not be able to exchange the race jersey to another size. When registering, make sure you choose the appropriate size. Jersey size chart will be provided on the registration page.

  59. What drinks will be provided during the race?
  60. Isotonic drinks and bottled water will be provided at hydration points along the route and at the finish line.

  61. Are participants allowed to walk during the race?
  62. Yes, they are allowed. However, they must make sure to finish the race before the maximum time for each category. They should not take the start position at the front and should not walk on the outer side of the route in order to allow faster runners to pass.

  63. Are pets allowed on race day? Can I race while carrying my pet?
  64. No, pets are not allowed to be in the race area.

  65. Are participants allowed to use bicycles, roller skates or strollers during the race?
  66. No. Participants are not allowed to use bicycles, roller skates or stroller.

  67. What prize will be awarded to the winner of each category?
  68. Winner Prize is for Indonesian only (male or female)


    1st Winner

    2nd Winner

    3rd Winner


    IDR 8.000.000

    IDR 6.000.000

    IDR 4.000.000


    IDR 5.000.000

    IDR 4.000.000

    IDR 3.000.000


    IDR 3.000.000

    IDR 2.500.000

    IDR 2.000.000

  69. How do I reach the location of race?
  70. You can reach Titan Run 2018 location by: (1) a private vehicle (2) Taxi (3) shuttle bus to be provided by The Organizer.

  71. Will there be road closures?
  72. Yes, there will be road closures. The information will be available in Titan Run website, www.titan-run.id or in the guide book that will be provided in the race pack.

  73. Is there a parking area in the area of the race?
  74. Yes, parking area will be advised at a later date. The information will be available in Titan Run 2018 official web page at www.titan-run.id or in the guide book that will be provided in the race pack.

  75. Where can I get all of the information about the race or contact the organizer?
  76. Race information can be obtained by accessing the Titan Run 2018 official website in www.titan-run.id and you can contact The Organizer via email to info@run.web.id.