Titan Run 2018

By taking part in the Titan Run 2018 (hereinafter referred to as "EVENT"), including but not limited to signing up through the website of the race, a Participant accepts and agrees to abide by and be bound over all the rules and regulations, terms and conditions of events applied by Run ID (hereinafter referred to as "ORGANIZER") and TITAN (hereinafter referred to as "TITAN").

  1. PARTICIPANT ascertains and declares the truth of all the information provided at the time of registration. ORGANIZER and TITAN have the right to require PARTICIPANT to show official identification document (such as national ID card, passport or driving license) in order to participate in this EVENT, if deemed necessary. If according to ORGANIZER and TITAN found any divergence of official identification document, PARTICIPANT could be disqualified from the EVENT.
  2. PARTICIPANT is fully responsible for and bears all risks in the form of bodily injury, death, or property damage which may be suffered or acquired by PARTICIPANT due to participating in this EVENT and where personal injury, death or property damage may arise, as a result of, or as part of, or caused by or due to negligence and / or waiver of provisions (as shown below) or one of them or other things, and despite the same thing happened before, after or while competing and / or participating in the EVENT. PARTICIPANT understands and acknowledges that there are risks and hazards associated with participation in this EVENT that can cause bodily injury, disability, and death. All the risks and dangers associated with participation in this EVENT was conceived by PARTICIPANT despite all the risks and dangers may be caused by neglect and other provisions.
  3. Regarding the risks borne by PARTICIPANT, then PARTICIPANT releases, neglects, and agrees not to sue ORGANIZER / promoter, TITAN, the participants, Sponsor Events and PR agency occasions, partners who participate, the organization that ensures, (or other affiliate) , official, car owners, drivers, sponsors, advertisers, owners, tenants, lessors of the location of the race, which organized the EVENT, and the officers, agents, and employees (for the purposes mentioned this will be referred to as the Press ) from any liability to you, your personal representatives, appointed party, and the implementer, from any and all claims, prosecution, losses or damages of PARTICIPANT or damage to property, regardless it is happened or caused or expected as a result whole or partly due to the negligence or other press.
  4. Hereby PARTICIPANT agrees that the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Damage Agreement referred to the point 3 above, including negligence of rescue operation (if any) and are intended as broad as possible and include as much as possible by means of what is permitted by the laws of Indonesia where the EVENT was held.
  5. PARTICIPANT understands that the registration fee paid by PARTICIPANT to the ORGANIZER, the ORGANIZER will incur huge costs and expenses for the organization of Events. Hereby PARTICIPANT agrees that in case the conditions in which the race was cancelled due to conditions beyond the ability of the ORGANIZER and TITAN (Force Majeure) including but not limited to storms, rain, ocean tides or weather, wind, or the power of God or an act of terrorism or other conditions, PARTICIPANT registration fee is non-refundable.
  6. Once registration is completed, the PARTICIPANT who ultimately cannot participate in the EVENT will not receive a refund of registration fee. Slot race PARTICIPANT cannot be transferred to another person or may not alter the PARTICIPANT competition categories into categories within a higher or lesser distance category.
  7. A copy of the confirmation email together with copy of Identity of government-issued ID (KTP) must be presented by PARTICIPANTS when collecting race pack. Power of Attorney Letter accompanied by a copy of the identification will be required if PARTICIPANT collects race pack on behalf of others PARTICIPANT.
  8. Race pack should be claimed on the day that has been scheduled. Requests to designated schedule will not be acknowledged.
  9. PARTICIPANT under the age of 15 old must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian when claiming the race pack. Parents or legal guardians will be required to sign an agreement and show a government issued form of ID card / passport / driver's license.
  10. PARTICIPANT who does not start the race of respective category will not be allowed to participate and will be automatically disqualified from the race. Similarly, PARTICIPANTS who started the race before their attended category of which they are registered will also be disqualified.
  11. PARTICIPANT is required to wear BIB Number that has been provided. PARTICIPANT who does not use a BIB Number will be asked to leave the route by security personnel and/or ORGANIZER.
  12. Road closure will expire after three (3) hours after the race began. PARTICIPANT who continues the race after the designated schedule at is allowed to continue the race but the PARTICIPANT have to bear the risks that may arise: (a) ORGANIZER and / or TITAN has the right to end the road closure earlier than scheduled at the discretion of the ORGANIZER and / or TITAN; and (b) End the road closures is subject to the consent of government authorities if the road closure ends early.
  13. Pets, bikes, skates, strollers, shoes that can be mounted on wheels or wheels and other objects that have wheels are not allowed in the official race route except Event’s official vehicles and medical vehicles.
  14. The race route can be diverted or rerouted at any time for participants’ security reasons and traffic considerations.
  15. All winners must be present at the time of submission Occasion Gift to receive awards and prizes. ORGANIZER have the right to not give gifts (either in cash or in kind) for the winners were not present at the EVENT Delivery Award.
  16. ORGANIZER decision is FINAL. Further correspondence or dispute will not be acknowledged.
  17. The winners attend on podium will be asked to show the valid identification that is recognized by the ORGANIZER and TITAN in order to claim awards and prizes
  18. For the podium winners, disputes and appeals must be made immediately within 30 minutes after the result is published on the announcement board or immediately after the prize ceremony, whichever occurs earlier. All prizes are awarded based on supplies where the ORGANIZER and TITAN have the right to cancel, modify, change or cancel any prizes at any time with or without notification to the PARTICIPANTS
  19. ORGANIZER have the right to require PARTICIPANT to show official identification document (such as National ID card, Passport, Permit or driver's license) that is required to support the submission of disputes or protests
  20. By participating in the EVENT, PARTICIPANT agrees to take a part in every promotion or publicity that will be held by TITAN and with this PARTICIPANT unconditionally allows TITAN to record and use the performance of the participants, appearance, interests, name, voice and / or particular aspect of the PARTICIPANT (if possible) in every ways TITAN deems appropriate. PARTICIPANT knows that TITAN will have the freedom to publish and use every form of recordings made by TITAN, including but not limited to telephone recording, sound recordings, visual recordings and photos (if any), for EVENT promotion and publicity purpose (now or in the future). If possible, each PARTICIPANT ignores all forms of intellectual property rights which PARTICIPANTS may get or has under the law (andevery advanced rules or further amandement) relating to records that have been mentioned earlier and other forms or moral rights that participants may have or get in the name of the law
  21. ORGANIZER and/or TITAN has the right to limit and/or refuse registration of PARTICIPANT to following the EVENT without the liability to notify any reasons
  22. ORGANIZER and/or TITAN has the right to change every terms and conditions and/or stop the EVENT based on ORGANIZER and/or TITAN’s policies and it is done without prior notice